Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2010 3-day statistics

2010 3-day statistics Amazing what we accomplish when we stand together for a Cause. Big thanks to all my donors and friends who provided funds, inspiration, support and encouragement.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Running for a Cure -Week1

So I started my training for the Half Marathon that I have signed up to run in March 2011. I will be raising at least $250 for Breast Cancer. A Half Marathon, to you non-runners, is 13.1 miles. I found a great website for assistance in my training. It’s Hal Higdon’s website. I have had quite a few people send me in his direction so he must know his stuff. I’m starting with Hal Higdon Beginner Plan. It is a run/walk plan.

I’m in pretty good shape but I’m not in runner’s shape so I’ve decided to take it slow and try and do it right this time. I’ve jumped into running before thinking I needed to push myself to run 2 or 3 miles and then I ended up hurting my hip and knees and everything else. I thought maybe I would never be able to run. I’m a determined person though and I really want to run. It’s not only a personal challenge but one that will also raise money for a Cause I believe in.

I’m getting up at 5am on weekday mornings and getting my run in. My best buddy, Tracy in NC is my backup alarm (6am there). If she doesn’t hear from me that I’m up, I expect a call from her so it’s my goal to never make her call me. I’m not really sure if she would call but just knowing it’s a possibility holds me accountable. She has enough to worry about getting her hubby and two kids up and then off to school and work. So far so good as today is day 6 of the 30 day plan. I have not run yet today but will this afternoon. I figure I deserve to sleep in a little on the weekends. In my 5 days of running I have already seen a little improvement. My first day I ran/walked 1.9 miles and by day 5 I was up to 2.25 miles. My body is feeling pretty good so I think the plan is working for me so far.

I’m also working in strength training and yoga into my training plan. I have two bad knees so it’s important that I keep the muscles in my knees strong to help protect them. I’m doing the yoga to help my core strength as well as balance and stretching. I found a Yoga class at my gym that I can go to on T/TH during my lunch hour. I started that this past week and yoga is harder than you would think or maybe my balance is just really bad!!

Stay tuned as I hope to keep everyone updated weekly on my progress.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dallas 3-Day Experience

Thursday November 4th
Thursday evening Veronica flew in from Kentucky. She had joined our team just a few days ago. Veronica’s teammate wasn’t going to be able to come to Dallas and she was new to the 3-Day and had never been to Dallas. The 3Day Coaches put her in touch with our team captain, Jackie and Jackie sent out her info to the team. I thought she could probably use a friendly welcome so I offered to pick her up at the airport. I took her to her hotel where I introduced her to another teammate, Renee. Little did I know I wouldn’t see her again until Lunch Day 3.

I can’t tell a lie I was excited about the 3-day beginning but I did have a little apprehension as I just didn’t know what to expect. I had walked 3 walks and every one of them was with my best friend Tracy. She’s been my cheerleader, walking buddy, tentmate, photographer and comedian but this time she wasn’t going to be with me.

Day 1 Friday
I met most of the team at Tom Thumb to board a bus to Collin Creek Mall where our 3 day adventure would begin. It was quite chilly but I refused to where a bunch of layers that I knew I would have to carry around the rest of the day. My motto for the week was “Suck it up” so that’s what I did. I wore my running skirt and a long sleeve dri-fit under my team shirt with my stocking cap, gloves, and team scarf. People kept asking me if I was cold and of course I was but do you think I was going to tell them that Mind over matter I say.

Opening ceremony was great. We had two teammates that were involved. Team captain Renee carried the flag that honored husbands and Elaine, a breast cancer survivor carried the Patience flag into the survivors circle. I have to take a minute to tell you about Elaine. She is 68 years old and within the last few years defeated breast cancer. She trains with us every weekend, is always good for a few laughs and even though she has fallen many times she pops back up with a, “I’m ok. Let’s go.” I actually fell once and in the back of my mind I was thinking, hurry, get up, brush it off because that’s what Elaine does! She is the true meaning of a Pink Warrior and inspires me every time I see her.

I tell you all of this about Elaine because she fell on Day 1 and broke her wrist. I heard that she told the EMT, “I’ve never walked the 3Day with a broken wrist.” That is her warrior spirit showing through. They, however, wouldn’t allow her back out on the route. I hate that for her but I know it was the best thing for her.

My friend Kelly came out to cheer me on in the afternoon. I had her bring me tissues as something attacked my allergies at lunch and my tissues were running out. Kelly quickly learned that if you stand near the route with a box of tissue you are the new best friend of walkers passing by. She almost ran out before I got to her. Thanks Kelly! You saved me.

When we got back to camp our tent had already been set up by a teammate’s husband and our bags were there too! Paul, you rock! My tentmate was Meg. I met Meg last year on training walks. We were both on our own teams then. When I met her last year she had no hair as she was just completing her treatment for Breast Cancer. She was the most adorable bald woman I’ve ever met. I fell in love with her spirit and energy! Just so happened that we both joined PSIM this year and both needed a tentmate and the rest is history. Meg was one of our dedicated training walk leaders this year. She likes to walk hills.

Day 2 Saturday
Day 2 started with frost on the ground. Brrrrr. Each day I started out with the same 3 people, Meg, Gail and Nikki. Gail was a training walk leader too. My very first training walk I ever took with a group was lead by Gail last year. She’s from NY and that accent comes out every now and then. She is a very proud G.G. when it comes to her grandson Kail. There is just something about Gail that is infectious and I was hooked on training walks with the group from that moment on. I found out early on that Gail and I walk the same pace. It’s always good to walk with someone that has your same pace. It’s even better when that person is someone you really like to be around! Good thing I like Meg, Gail and Nicki.

Nicki, is a first time walker who is friends with Brittany who is Valerie’s daughter. Brittany and Valerie are speed walkers. Nicki, thought they were psycho walkers so she stuck with us in the am. Never failed though, we would start out without them and they would always catch up to us before long. So really I walked with a core of 5 people. Occasionally we would pick up some other teammates along the way.

Walking with these ladies was so much fun and there was never a dull moment. I learned that the nails people put signs on posts with aren’t really for signs but are put there for squirrels to use to run up the pole. I also learned that Valerie and Gail could end up like Thelma and Louise if we don’t keep our eye on them.

Lunch on day 2 was at Hockaday School. It was there that I decided we needed some lunch time entertainment so I did not one but two cartwheels and I didn’t even hurt myself. I think everyone was very impressed with my skills. Actually I think they were just amazed that I had enough energy to do them!

Shortly after lunch I was in the front of our group and came up beside a girl. It looked like she was walking all by herself. I’m not sure what it was but something told me that I needed to talk to her. So I struck up a conversation with Niki H. and found out that this was her first walk and she was walking to honor her mom whom she had lost to Leukemia/Breast Cancer this past August. I started to tell her about our team and training walks and introduced her to the ladies with me. I told her about Dance Party that was that night and she had to come. She told me she would but just in case I got her tent location so I could go get her if she didn’t show up.

Today I had more friends, Judy, Carmen, Debbie and little Ady, come out to cheer me on. Judy brought me diet coke. It really hit the spot. I so enjoyed seeing my friends and letting them experience a little of what I have been doing and supporting the past 3 years. I couldn’t do any of this without my friends, family, co-workers, and colleagues. Big Thanks to all of you!

Well Dance Party was getting ready to start and no Niki. I went to her tent and called for her but no answer. She showed up a few minutes later and said her neighbors said someone came looking for her and she knew it had to be me! I know you are asking yourself how in the world do people who have now walked 40 miles have any energy to dance? It feels so good to move around and loosens up your muscles. She said she had a great time. I gave her my business card and told her to email me as out of 2800 walkers I really didn’t think I would see her again.

Day 3 Sunday
It was daylight savings time and we supposedly got an extra hour of sleep. I don’t think that really happened as we had to pack, take down the tent, eat and get in line for a bus to take us to our starting point for day 3. I told Meg when she signed up to be my tentmate not to worry about packing up. I have it down to a science. When we woke up we took the plug out of the air mattress so it would deflate while we dressed. I rolled up both sleeping bags. I’m a pro thanks to all the camping and Dad showing me how to do it when I was little. Next, I rolled up the air mattress and next took down the tent. Meg told me I was way to efficient as she hadn’t even finished getting her bag packed by the time I had everything all done. Next, I was on to help teammate Nikki with her tent. I guess I got a little ahead of her and her tentmate Tracey as I found out later that I might have rolled up Tracey’s toothbrush in the tent. Luckily she had already used it that morning. Sorry Tracey!

Guess what? We got to pit stop 1 and there was Niki H. and here I didn’t think I would see her again. She told us once again how much fun she had at Dance Party. Pit Stop 1 is where I lost my camera and the funny thing is it really didn’t stress me out. I started looking a little bit and then a girl said a man took it to the food table. Yeah! I found my camera. It just fell off my bag when I sat it down outside the porta potty.

Day 3 is always a shorter day as we all have to finish in time for closing ceremony. History told us that we didn’t want to walk to fast or we would be getting to lunch at 10:30am. So the first Starbucks we came to we decided we had time for a little break. We all went in for coffee/tea and found us a seat outside in the sun. We cheered on our fellow walkers as they went by. They were all very jealous of us!

We got to lunch about 11 and this is where I ran into Veronica again. She said she was having a great time but when she got back to camp had been eating, showering and going to bed. That explains why I never saw her. After lunch we walked through the West End and on to Fair Parks for closing ceremony.

Remember Elaine that broke her wrist. She was also suppose to carry a flag for closing ceremony but since she couldn’t carry it they let Meg, my tentmate and survivor, escort her and carry the flag. When I saw Elaine up there with her cast, I lost it. All my emotions that had built up over the 3 days came flowing out. I cried for Elaine, I cried for Meg and the other survivors, I cried for my mom, I cried for everyone that has ever had to feel the pain of cancer.

It was at that moment that I knew I was signing up for Dallas again. There was no way that I was going to allow my Pink Soles in Motion to do anything without me. These men and women are such positive, inspirational people who together are making a difference one step at a time and I intend to be there with them.

Oh, and guess who I saw when I was leaving closing ceremony. Niki H. and her husband Keith. On top of that, I get home and I’m looking at photos posted on facebook by my teammates and who did I see…a photo of Niki. Something tells me it was just meant for me to meet her.

November 11, 2010
Today would have been my mom’s 63rd birthday. Happy Birthday MOM! I made a wish today for a world without Cancer. I know it will come true one day.

On Monday the 8th I signed up to Walk Dallas in November 2011 with the Pink Soles in Motion and guess who emailed me? You guessed it Niki H. She said she would and she did. We’ve been emailing back and forth the last few days. Sounds like she, her husband and cousin may want to join the team. I hope they do as I look forward to continuing to get to know them.

One more thing for today, I signed up for the Dallas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in March 2011. Why not run 13.1 miles? I know I can walk 20. Click the link at the top of my blog if you wish to support me in my run.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Photos 2010 Dallas Susan G. Komen 3-Day

Click the photo below to view photos

Monday, October 18, 2010

Photos 2010 DC Susan G. Komen 3-Day

Click below for photos from DC

60 miles down and 60 more to go!

This time last week I had just gotten back from DC and my amazing 3 Day 60 mile journey with my two teammates, Tracy and Kristin. Every 60 mile journey I take is a new experience full of joy and emotions.

The first and third days we walked in DC and saw the Washington Nationals Stadium, Capital, Supreme Court, Smithsonian Museums, China Town, Washington Cathedral, and White House and ended with Closing Ceremonies at the Washington Monument. The second day we were out in Gaithersburg, MD and this proved to be the toughest course of any 3Day I have walked so far. It was uphill and downhill most of the day and about half way through I was asking myself, “Why did you sign up to walk Dallas too?”

That question was answered several times the rest of the walk and into this past week. The first answer came when we were walking and saw a woman with a scarf wrapped around her head, tears streaming down her face and holding a sign she had made that said “You are walking for me.” The next answer came that same evening when we were told a story about a woman stopping her car in the middle of the road, jumping out and running over to a 3-Day walker. She took off her pink bracelet, handed it to the walker and told her, “Please wear it the rest of the walk to honor my mother. I lost her this past week to breast cancer.” Then again this week, I read an article about a daughter and the experience she had losing her mom to ovarian cancer. I posted this article on my Facebook page and my high school friend Kim commented, “Difficult to read with tears in my eyes but healing too.” You see she just lost her mom to ovarian cancer in May of this year.

So many times we lose touch with what is really important only to be reminded by friends, family and even complete strangers. So when people ask me, why do you keep walking? Here is what I will tell them, “I will walk because I can, I will walk because I can make a difference, I will walk until there is a cure!”

In less than 3 weeks I will take my second 3 Day 60 mile journey of the year and I thank all of you for supporting me and continuing to allow me to share my stories with you. If what we do together saves one mother, or one spouse, or one child then all of our efforts are worth it.

If you would like to donate to my Dallas 3Day 60 Mile walk please visit www.forallyoudid.com.

Catrina Gibson
Until there is a cure!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dedicated or Crazy

Dedicated or crazy, I’ll let you be the judge. I walked 5.5 miles in 101 degree heat about 6pm tonight. Now I do have to admit that I found lots and lots of shade to walk in and I really didn’t think it felt like 101. However, I did look it up on weather.com on my blackberry as I was walking and it did say 101.

This week I am 11 weeks out from my walk in DC and 15 weeks out from…. Scratch that. I just went and checked my training schedules and I have now lost a week somewhere. I’m 10 weeks out from DC and 14 out from Dallas. Hmm, I have lots of training and fundraising still to do. My goal is $4000 per walk or $8000 total. In order to actually walk I am required to raise at least $2300 per walk. I’m halfway to that for DC and almost halfway for Dallas. If you haven’t already, I sure could use your donation. I figure if everyone skipped a lunch out one week and donated that $10 or $15 I’d be at my goal in no time.

Just recently I heard that a colleague’s son (Patrick) has been diagnosed with Wilms’ Tumor at age 7. Wilms’ Tumor is a rare kidney disease found in children. It’s been diagnosed in stage II so that is the good news amongst the bad news as they say it is very curable at that stage. I also have a friend Holly and her son Alex (6) was diagnosed with WIlms’ Tumor in stage I but has now been cancer free for 4 years. Just recently Holly found out her niece, Farrah (5) has been diagnosed with Stage IV Wilms' Tumor and has a 50% chance of survival. Cancer doesn’t play favorites. It doesn’t matter how young or how old. It just comes and turns our worlds upside down. I will be walking for the 3 of them.

I really think I'm just dedicated to finding a cure. I cannot even begin to think what those children have and will be going through. The least I can do is walk 5.5 miles in 101 degree heat. I just have to be smart about it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Lumbar pack, training and the Energizer Bunny

So I received my new lumbar pack (as opposed to back pack) from the Shop3Day.com and got to try it out the very same day. I must say that it has its pros and cons.

  • It's smaller than my back pack but bigger than a fanny pack. Very important when you like to carry a jacket and a few other things.
  • It has a nice little case that will hold my cell phone so that I don't have to go digging for it.
  • It has little compartments on the side that I can put my lip balm and other little things in and I can reach it without taking my pack off
  • I like how it sits lower on my back but not on my rear like a fanny pack
  • It can be used without the back pack straps or with. I think I prefer with
  • I'm not especially fond of the fabric the back pack straps are made out of as I'm use to my soft padded ones.
  • My current water bottles do not stay in the two water bottle holders. Amy S. also has one that she is trying out and her water bottles
    fit and don't fall out. I will try different ones
I have now used it 3 times and it is growing on me. Like all things sometimes it just takes some getting used to. Here is a picture of me
taking a picture of my lumbar pack. Don't laugh, it is hard to take a picture of your back. Also please disregard the binder clip as I was using that until I determined if I was going to keep it. You will also notice the tag is still attached. Funny thing is Amy had left her tag on too! Always good to make sure you like something before taking off the tags:)
I got 16.45 miles of training walks in this week and not the 21 that I was planning on. Sometimes life happens or in this case work and I just couldn't do the 5 today. Something is better than nothing though so no need to beat myself up over it. Saturday, my teammate Sheila led her first walk (5 miles) as an offical 3-Day trainer. She did a great job. Here is a photo at the end of the walk and I'm still all smiles!

Energizer Bunny has started announcing the bloggers they have chosen for each of the 15 Susan G. Komen 3-Day walks. I will actually be walking 2 walks this year (DC and Dallas) and have put in my application to be the blogger for Dallas. I'm keeping my rabbit ears crossed. Stay tuned.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Walking and Fundraising

Dar and I started training together this past Thursday and will continue to do so every Tuesday and Thursday. We live fairly close to each other so it will be great to have each other to walk with on the week days. It really helps to keep you honest and walk the miles even when you don’t really feel like it. Believe me I have had several days (I’m probably not alone) that I talk myself out of walking even though I know how important it is to train. I think sometimes I get in my head that I’m still 18 weeks out from DC and 22 weeks out from Dallas and I feel like I have all kinds of time to train even though I know that it will be here before I know it! So I have to give a big shout out to Dar for helping to keep me honest and focused in the coming weeks!

Of course on Saturdays and Sundays we will be having our team walks! I look forward to those as it gives me time to catch up with my teammates and find out what they have been up to. We had a 4 mile walk this past weekend hosted by Run On in Coppell, TX. I really like this store! It’s the place I first went 3 years ago to get fitted for my very first 3-Day shoes. It’s when I learned that I had been wearing 1.5 sizes too small. I have one foot that is an 8 and one that is a 9 so I should have always been getting at least a 9.5 as you should wear athletic shoes that are a half size to a size larger. I had been stuffing my foot into an 8 for all my many years:( Not a good thing!

This past weekend we (PSIM) also worked the concession stand at Texas Motor Speedway for the Indy Car Race.
I’m not sure how smart it was to walk 4 miles that morning and then go stand on my feet for 10 hours but I survived and it was well worth it. There were about 20 of us that manned a concession stand, beer stand and what they called a Hot Rod booth. I learned that a Hot Rod is a hot dog with pulled pork on it? I guess instead of a chili dog it’s a BBQ dog. Not sure I will ever try one of those. Kelly B. and I were in the beer stand. We have it down to an art now that we have done it twice. The two of us together make a pretty good team! I’d work with her anytime!!

I ordered a new backpack from Shop3Day.com. It should be here tomorrow so I can try it out when Dar and I go walking. I decided that my backpack I’ve been using is much larger than I really need so this one is not only smaller but it has the 3-Day logo on it! Now when I’m out walking people will know why I’m walking instead of just thinking I’m some goofy girl out walking around aimlessly with my backpack on.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Weekend of Joy and Sadness

This Memorial day weekend was one of Joy and one of Sadness. I drove to Syracuse Kansas for my 20 year class reunion and spent Saturday with 15 of my classmates. Syracuse is a small town in Western Kansas very near the Colorado boarder. My graduating class only had 35 students so to get almost half of us there I thought was great. It was a great joy to see them all. The best part of the day however was seeing my classmate Chris Englert Sukach on Skype from Afghanistan. For me to be able to give her a little glimpse of our reunion while she is over serving our country was the greatest honor I could have. The smile on her face will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I must say it proved to be a harder task than I had thought it would be. I had procrastinated and not downloaded or setup a Skype account until about 8pm on Friday evening. I sent her a message on Facebook and asked her what time she thought might work for her on Saturday. When I woke up Saturday I checked my messages and she had sent me one back saying to try for 10:30am (Syracuse time). The trick was at 10:30am the parade for alumni and old cars was going to be starting and our class was riding in the parade. I didn’t let that stop me though. Thanks to classmate Kyle and his Verizon wireless I had my laptop all set up to take along with us in the parade. I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to visit with Chris.

I’m sure the community thought I was nuts riding in the parade with my laptop in hand. We went all through the parade and Chris never logged in. I was a little bummed but told myself I had tried. We then went to the school for the picnic. When I sat down to eat, something told me to check my email on my blackberry and sure enough Chris had sent me a message saying “Just finishing up. Be in my room in about 15 min” but the message had been sent about 45min ago:( I ran to the car, got my laptop, Kyle got the Verizon wireless and I logged in just in case she was still there and sure enough she was!!!

The next trick was getting a Skype connection long enough to say a full sentence. It got rather frustrating but the short glimpse of Chris and her smile made me keep trying. We finally were able to string enough connections together that I was able to allow her to see about 6 other classmates and even her father and brother. I looked like a crazy woman carrying my laptop around the picnic and talking to it. I’m sure I made Chris dizzy but I was trying to find our scattered classmates before I lost connection! I actually sent out a few apologies yesterday as I pretty much just blew some people off as they didn’t realize what I was up to.

Chris was able to show us around her small little hut that she shares with 6 people. She was whispering as she said some of them work days and some work nights and she didn’t want to disturb them. Her surroundings were a little difficult to make out but I clearly saw she did have a towel, a mirror and a big gun. She said that it “makes me a bad ass.” If you know Chris, it’s really hard to imagine her with a gun.

I hope Chris knows how much it meant to me to help bring her our class reunion. We are so proud of her and want her to be safe. She brought me more joy in that short little time span than I could have ever imagined. Thanks Chris! When our conversation ended my laptop battery was down to 9 minutes. Perfect timing!

I drove back to Texas on Sunday and on my trip home I got a text from one of my best high school friends, Kim. Kim didn’t make our reunion as she had something way more important to attend to. You see her mom’s Ovarian Cancer returned a few months ago, stronger and worse than before and was now terminal.

I remember Kim telling me back in 2008 that her mom, Julie, had beaten Ovarian Cancer when I told her my mom, Sherrie, had lost her life to it. The survival rate for ovarian cancer is 30.6% when not found early so I was so excited to hear her mom had won the battle. Little did we all know that the cancer would come back and take Julie’s life. She fought a long hard battle and suffered much pain but on Sunday that all ended and she joined my mom in heaven.

I feel great sadness for the Collins family and will keep Kim and her family in my prayers. I hope and pray that one day we will find a cure for cancer so that no one else has to lose a mother. I hope Kim knows that when I walk 6 days and 120 miles this year that I will be walking for her mom, Julie. We will find a cure! Love you Kim.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Breast Cancer Angel‏

My Pink Soles in Motion team member sent this email today:

"A friend of my family (close to my Mom) daughter Carrie passed away on Tuesday, from breast cancer. My Mom was part of her caregiver's group.

Carrie was diagnosed right after her 2nd daughter's birth. Living in the Houston area, her doctors, treament and surgery have all been at M.D. Anderson. She was a brave, beautiful, courageous Mom. Carrie's youngest daughter will be 5 in June.

I feel so sad. I also feel more driven than ever to raise funds and participate in the 3-day. Carrie's battle is over, but each of ours to "make a difference" has just begun."

I think this says it all. We will walk mile after mile and year after year to find a cure!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BBQ Cook Off for the Cure!

This past weekend Pink Soles in Motion along with the huge support of North Texas Harley Davidson put on an amazing fundraiser. We ended up with 36 teams in our BBQ Cook Off!

I had the pleasure of being there bright and early Saturday morning to help serve the cookers breakfast. I made the coffee and I didn’t hear any complaints but then again I’m not sure how many people actually drank it. I was so amazed at the number of cookers that brought their own RV’s and tents and made their own breakfast and coffee. One team even brought their pool table.

After breakfast I helped dump trash. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it and I say why not me:) Next, it was on to setting up food tents and getting everything organized and before I knew it, it was time to start the judging and serving lunch.

I was able to get some of my family and friends to volunteer to be judges. I was a little nervous that they wouldn’t have any fun and wonder why I got them into this but when it was all said and done they were eager to sign up and do it again tomorrow. I’m so thankful to them for helping me and my team and I’m glad they were able to come out and meet some of my fellow teammates.

This was my first BBQ Cook Off but I must say, even though my feet hurt from standing on them all day and my back and arms ached from carrying trash and setting up tents, that it was a huge success. Sign me up for next year!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My friend Kim and her mom

One of my best friends from high school, Kim, recently told me that her mom’s ovarian cancer was back and that she was no longer receiving treatment and was at peace with the decision. It breaks my heart as I know exactly what Kim and her family are going through. My mom lost her battle with the same disease back in 2000. Follow her story at Julie Collins. She has been through so much and has fought so hard. I am keeping her and her family in my prayers.

Not that I need any reminding as to why I continue to walk each year but it sure does reinforce my decision.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Official 3 day training kick off

I'm typing this on my blackberry so I hope this works.

This morning I met 5 of my PSIM teammates to kick off the training season. The 3Day and New Balance sponsored a 3 mile walk. Einstein Bagels gave us bagel bites. They are so good:) 3 miles was a piece of cake. I'm ready for the weeks ahead! Go Team.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day and training

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and for me it kind of sneaks up on me and passes. The day brings about sadness at first because my mom isn’t here for me to celebrate with but then I think about all the great things she taught me and all the good times we had and it helps get me through the day. I did take a short two mile walk with my mom yesterday, just me and her. I think she would have liked that because I know I did. It helped me to get focused on the training and fundraising I have ahead of me.

This is the week I get serious about training. My teammate Tracy and I are going to start walking (she’s running) in the mornings. Tracy is training for her 2nd marathon at the end of October but will be walking with Kristin and I in DC the beginning of October. Tracy and I live in different time zones so I kind of get the short end of the stick. Her 6am is my 5am but in the grand scheme of things what is another hour of sleep when you are fighting for a cure for cancer! Tracy and I find that if we train together we hold each other accountable. If you know the other person is getting up and counting on you to be there chances are you aren’t going to let each other down. She is such an awesome friend and teammate.

Link to Tracy’s marathon Marine Corps Marathon

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Blog

So I’ve decided that typing my blog on my own website was not very efficient especially if I want to update it from somewhere else besides my own computer. I was basically typing the HTML code and uploading it to the website’s server host. Obviously, if I want to be the Energizer Bunny Blogger for Dallas I have to have access to my blog anytime and anyplace. My next step is to figure out how to blog from my Blackberry. I know it’s possible but one step at a time.

My blog page needs help and I have to figure out how to do that now. I need to make it pretty:)

Monday, May 3, 2010


My PSIM Teammate Amy sent me an email today that said “I saw this and thought of you instantly.” I got so excited that I’m not sure I got much work done the rest of the day. It was an advertisement from Energizer looking for Bloggers for the 2010 Susan G Komen 3-Day for the Cure! Of course they have to pick me first as they only pick one from each location but I figure I have just as good of a shot as anyone else! So I’ll submit my information and see what happens. Keep your fingers crossed!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure!

In 2009, I painfully and courageously (as some tell me) completed the entire 60 mile walk of which probably 45 miles were with large blisters on the balls of both feet. It was my own fault though. I’m just stubborn and wanted to wear my cute polka-dot socks. That same stubbornness wouldn’t allow me to quit and I convinced myself I was the Energizer Bunny and I just kept going and going and going…

Well, it's year three and I'm ready to up the ante. If I can walk 60 miles with blisters most of the way, I know that I can walk 6 days and 120 miles for a cure! This year I have stepped up to challenge myself to walk 60 miles in Washington, DC, October 8-10 and another 60 miles in Dallas, TX, November 5-7.

I’m not only challenging myself but I’m challenging you as well to step up and help donate to each of my walks. Each dollar gets us 1 step closer to a cure and 120 miles is a lot of steps closer.

Thank you for continuing to support me year after year and sharing your stories. The stories touch my heart and remind me that what I’m doing isn’t just about me it’s about everyone out there that has been touched by the horrible disease, CANCER!

In It, To End It!
Catrina Gibson

Friday, April 16, 2010


Boston, Tampa, Boston, Tampa, Dallas, DC…. it was a decision that kept going back and forth but we finally did decide on a place to walk this year. Team J&S4EVER is walking Washington, DC in October!!! Our original team is back together as Kristin will be joining Tracy and I again this year. I am so excited to have her back and it’s an extra bonus that she is an athletic trainer?

I am, however, a two team girl this year. After meeting the ladies of Pink Soles in Motion (PSIM) last year I just fell in love with all of their enthusiasm and energy and I just couldn’t let them walk and raise money without me so I joined the team. I was originally thinking I would just help them fundraise and walk my walk with Tracy where ever we decided to walk but then I realized I was up for the challenge. I have decided to walk not only in DC but also in Dallas in November.