Monday, October 18, 2010

Photos 2010 DC Susan G. Komen 3-Day

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60 miles down and 60 more to go!

This time last week I had just gotten back from DC and my amazing 3 Day 60 mile journey with my two teammates, Tracy and Kristin. Every 60 mile journey I take is a new experience full of joy and emotions.

The first and third days we walked in DC and saw the Washington Nationals Stadium, Capital, Supreme Court, Smithsonian Museums, China Town, Washington Cathedral, and White House and ended with Closing Ceremonies at the Washington Monument. The second day we were out in Gaithersburg, MD and this proved to be the toughest course of any 3Day I have walked so far. It was uphill and downhill most of the day and about half way through I was asking myself, “Why did you sign up to walk Dallas too?”

That question was answered several times the rest of the walk and into this past week. The first answer came when we were walking and saw a woman with a scarf wrapped around her head, tears streaming down her face and holding a sign she had made that said “You are walking for me.” The next answer came that same evening when we were told a story about a woman stopping her car in the middle of the road, jumping out and running over to a 3-Day walker. She took off her pink bracelet, handed it to the walker and told her, “Please wear it the rest of the walk to honor my mother. I lost her this past week to breast cancer.” Then again this week, I read an article about a daughter and the experience she had losing her mom to ovarian cancer. I posted this article on my Facebook page and my high school friend Kim commented, “Difficult to read with tears in my eyes but healing too.” You see she just lost her mom to ovarian cancer in May of this year.

So many times we lose touch with what is really important only to be reminded by friends, family and even complete strangers. So when people ask me, why do you keep walking? Here is what I will tell them, “I will walk because I can, I will walk because I can make a difference, I will walk until there is a cure!”

In less than 3 weeks I will take my second 3 Day 60 mile journey of the year and I thank all of you for supporting me and continuing to allow me to share my stories with you. If what we do together saves one mother, or one spouse, or one child then all of our efforts are worth it.

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Catrina Gibson
Until there is a cure!