Tuesday, September 3, 2013

26.2 Days, $2,620 for 26.2 Miles

I know many of you have wondered if I dropped off the face of the earth as you haven’t heard from me and I haven’t updated my blog in eons.  I promise I have been busy fundraising and training so that I can participate and walk 6 days and 120 miles in November in the fight against cancer.  Yes that’s right you read correctly. I will be walking 3 days and 60 Miles in Dallas Nov. 1-3 and then two weeks later will be heading to San Diego to walk 3 days and 60 Miles of hills Nov. 15-17. When it comes to fighting cancer I will continue to do what it takes to raise funds and awareness no matter the personal challenge.

This brings me to a challenge I have for each of you! I once said I would never run a marathon (26.2 miles). How does the saying go….Never say Never! Today is Sept. 3rd and there are 26.2 days left in the month. Here’s my challenge to you, if my friends, family and co-workers donate a total of $2,620 over 26.2 days then I will put on my running shoes and train to run 26.2 miles in the fight against cancer. This will be my biggest challenge to date and is a huge undertaking as I have previously only run 13.1 miles.

This challenge however doesn’t even begin to measure up to those that get out of bed every day and look cancer in the face. They continue to fight no matter what it takes and they will never give up.  I too will never give up and am going to keep doing what I do to make a difference. This past year I have lost additional friends and had more family members diagnosed with cancer. I’m sick of cancer and I know many of you are too. Help me make a difference, together we will find a cure!

Until there is a Cure!
Catrina Gibson

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