Thursday, July 26, 2012

The 3-Day Friend Finder in action

I recently found myself traveling to Castle Rock, Co. to visit my sister, aunt and uncle. I knew I wanted to at least get 1 training walk in while I was there and the schedule was for 7 miles on that Saturday. I thought about the 3-Day Friend Finder and thought why not give it a try and see if by some chance I could find someone to walk with me. I found Colleen, a survivor and first year walker and she just happened to be signed up for the Dallas 3-Day like me! I quickly sent her an email through the 3-Day website and asked her if she would be interested in walking with me. She wrote me back and we made plans to meet at 6am Saturday at Rock Park (the Rock is in the background of the picture of Colleen).

Colleen had a nice 7 mile route all planed out for us and it turned out to be a very nice morning for a walk and to get to know a new friend. She told me that she knew she would be coming to Dallas alone and that coming alone didn't mean she would walk alone. Now she is even more excited to come as now she knows not only me but will have the entire Pink Soles in Motion team welcoming her to Dallas.

The 3-Day Friend Finder really works!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Just DO IT!

Every now and then I think maybe I need to slow down and not volunteer myself so much so that I have more free time for “ME”. That thought only lasts a moment. It’s not about ME ME ME! It’s about finding a cure for cancer and not just one….CURE THEM ALL!!!

This will be my 7th 3-Day 60 Mile walk in 5 years and I will once again be walking Dallas with the best team ever, Pink Soles in Motion.

Every year brings on new challenges (my body feels 100 years old some days), adventures and new people that I honor as I walk. I hate that my Wall of Honor keeps getting longer only because I want a world without cancer and no one on my wall. I do however, take consolation in the fact that it means I’m reaching more and more people and that I continue to make a difference to so many friends and family.

I thank all of you for the support, encouragement and donations year after year. I sometimes wonder if I’m wearing everyone out with my emails, fundraising, and stories. It’s hard sometimes to get motivated to send emails and ask for donations and support. That is until your co-worker’s dad is diagnosed with melanoma and passes in less than a month; a high school classmate’s mom losses her long battle to cancer which she fought with grace; and a woman that is married to a man you are acquainted with through work is diagnosed with tumors on her brain and needs a miracle to be able to spend more time with her three young children. This all just happened to me within the past month and I’m motivated now more than ever.

If I can make a difference to just 1 person by walking just 1 more mile to send just 1 more email to raise just 1 more dollar that funds the research that saves just 1 more life, then I will just DO IT!

I am truly blessed by knowing each and every one of you and I can’t thank you enough for making a difference in my life and that of others.

If you would like to donate it would be greatly appreciated and any amount is welcome. If you would like me to walk in honor of someone please email me their name and if you would just like to share a story or give me encouragement I would love that as well. Together we will find a Cure!

Until there is a CURE,
Catrina Gibson

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Last 3 months in a Nut Shell

Where does the time go and why haven’t I updated my blog in 3 months…… Oh I guess it’s because I’ve been busy!!!
April 16th: Tracy and I were off to Boston where she ran the marathon and I volunteered. It turned out to be the Hottest April 16th in Boston history and a very hot marathon. So hot that they left the route open an extra hour and encouraged rookie marathoners to defer their entry to next year. Allowing deferments is unheard of for the Boston Marathon so you have to know they were worried for everyone’s safety. I, in turn, was very concerned about Tracy. Luckily she had the right frame of mind. She had been struggling with a leg injury and knowing how hot it was she told me “I’m not worried about time I just want to finish.”

I was volunteering at Mile 25 with Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI). I was in charge of helping any of the Dana Farber patients find a place near the fence and make sure they had signs and cow bells to cheer on the DFCI Runners. I was having a great time cheering them on and each time a DFCI runner was in sighted we yelled out “Here comes Dana Farber,” that way we all knew to yell, cheer and shake our cow bells. I was getting text messages of Tracy’s progress and so I had a pretty good idea of when she would be showing up at mile 25. I had told myself if she was struggling I was going to jump the fence and help her make the last mile!!!

When I thought she was getting close, I actually jumped the fence (I stayed off the road), got my camera and my cell phone camera ready to shoot. Needless to say I almost missed her. I had turned my attention to a runner that had gone down a little ways back and when I heard “Here comes Dana Farber” I looked up and Tracy was half way by me. I hollered at her wait, wait I need a picture. Can you believe I made her run backwards to me but it was worth it as I got a big hug and a “Cat, I did it!” The smile on her face said it all and I will never forget that smile the rest of my life (photo not so good, memory will last a lifetime). I am SO proud of her as she not only overcame an injury but she persevered the heat. The Boston Marathon is the marathon of all marathons and Tracy ran every mile. Not only that but together we raised $4700 for the fight against Cancer!!

May: Pink Soles in Motion had our annual Pink Soles in Motion Golf Tournament and I have to give a special shout out to PlainsCapital Bank for stepping up as a presenting sponsor this year. We couldn’t have had a successful tournament without them. If you need a bank I would encourage you to give them a look!

May also brought about the start of our 24 week training plan. Yep, 24 weeks of training walks so from May 26th to November 2nd if you are looking for me on a weekend morning, I will be out leading and walking training walks with my fellow teammates.

Also in May, PSIM had a Pampered Chef fundraiser. If you need Pampered Chef check out Fonda Wirth. She helps PSIM every year by donating to the team. Pampered Chef

Oh and I almost forgot, I started making seat covers for a team fundraiser. It’s basically a beach towel with a hood that fits over your car seat head rest. It’s great for people that work out, swim, or get dirty. You just put it on your seat and then take it and wash it. A few people like to use them to keep their seat cool in the summer too! If you need one give me a shout $20.

June: This month was very busy and flew by way too quickly. We had our annual BBQ Cook-off, which has been our biggest fundraiser of the year so far! I worked concessions at several Frisco Roughrider baseball games and worked concessions at a very HOT Texas Motor Speedway Indi car race.

Also in June Pink Soles in Motion adopted a street in Coppell. If you are driving down Sandy Lake road between MacArthur and Starleaf, be on the lookout for us as we will be cleaning the street. We cleaned it for the first time on June 17th and I must say it looked beautiful when we were done!

The end of June brought about our first meeting for the Pink Soles in Motion 5k in the Park. I’m heading up the event with lots of help from teammates. The 5K will be Sept 1 at Andy Brown Park in Coppell. I’d love for everyone to come out and get some exercise. We all must stay active to stay healthy. You can Register Now!.

That’s the last 3 months in a Nutt Shell and I will try to better in the months to come!