Thursday, July 26, 2012

The 3-Day Friend Finder in action

I recently found myself traveling to Castle Rock, Co. to visit my sister, aunt and uncle. I knew I wanted to at least get 1 training walk in while I was there and the schedule was for 7 miles on that Saturday. I thought about the 3-Day Friend Finder and thought why not give it a try and see if by some chance I could find someone to walk with me. I found Colleen, a survivor and first year walker and she just happened to be signed up for the Dallas 3-Day like me! I quickly sent her an email through the 3-Day website and asked her if she would be interested in walking with me. She wrote me back and we made plans to meet at 6am Saturday at Rock Park (the Rock is in the background of the picture of Colleen).

Colleen had a nice 7 mile route all planed out for us and it turned out to be a very nice morning for a walk and to get to know a new friend. She told me that she knew she would be coming to Dallas alone and that coming alone didn't mean she would walk alone. Now she is even more excited to come as now she knows not only me but will have the entire Pink Soles in Motion team welcoming her to Dallas.

The 3-Day Friend Finder really works!!!

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