Friday, September 28, 2012

Inspiration for Friday!

I received a donation that brought tears to my eyes today. It just goes to show you that there are peoples live you touch that you may never meet. Just share your story and talk to other people and walkers. We are all an inspiration to the world and we are making a difference 1 step at a time.

I met a girl on the 2010 3-day. We were walking along and there she was walking by herself. I started a conversation and found out she was walking for her mom that she had just lost in August. Her mom was suppose to be there cheering her on but was there in spirit instead. The girl was finishing up college, had just gotten married (so her mom could be there) and they moved in with her dad to help him out. I had told her she had to come to Dance Party that night and if she didn't show up I was going to her tent to get her. And that's what I did but she wasn't there. Good thing her next door neighbors told her I came for her. She showed up at Dance Party!!! I thought that might be the last time I saw her as the 3-day is a big place but nope, I ran into her the next day at the first pit stop and then again at closing ceremonies. I keep up with her now and then and invite her to our fundraisers. I won't ever forget her or the 2010 3-day as that's my biggest memory. She touched my life forever.

Keep up your hard work training, fundraising and sharing your story, the big weekend is fast approaching.

Note on the donation I received today from friend’s twin sister today:

You met/walked with my twin sister at the 2010 3-Day. She forwarded me your donation request a few months ago and I finally took the time to read it and am glad I did! You're amazing and inspiring. Thank you for walking and best wishes :)

Email that my friend had sent to her friends and family:

Hello All,

The email below was sent to me from a friend I met in 2010 while doing the Susan G Komen 3-Day Walk. I met her one day while walking the 17mile route by myself. I just so happened to walk into her group of walkers and she immediately started talking to me asking about my “story” and why I was at the 3Day. The event itself is such a challenge and its people like Catrina that make it so worth the time to meet people and hear others stories.

Since the walk in November of 2010 she has stayed in contact with me through email and the walk is starting back up again this fall. I wanted to forward her email in hopes you would be interested in hearing her story through her blog or would like to donate on behalf of her team for this year’s walk.

Catrina is a very sweet lady and I’m thankful we crossed paths that day. You can visit her web pages at the bottom of the email if you are interested.


Please pass this along to help Catrina and her team meet their goal for the 3-Day walk!

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